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Politics? Really?

Yeah, but nah. Political scandal and ‘90s pop culture combine in La Boite’s modern makeover of Oscar Wilde’s sharp and scathing novel. Set in the hallowed halls of Canberra’s House of Representatives in the mid-1990s, the reworked classic dabbles in political corruption, hypocrisy, blackmail and scandal while also posing age-old questions about love, loyalty and the value of relationships. La Boite reckons An Ideal Husband is the perfect antidote to the 2022 Federal election: funnier than a campaign stumble, infinitely more entertaining than a leaders debate and with crackling dialogue that hits harder than a tax cut.

Why the ’90s?

Playwright Lewis Treston said the play is a fantastical take and a queer reimagining of ’90 Australian politics, explaining: “That shift from Keating to Howard, from a progressive to a conservative government struck me as a historical transition point in Australia’s history and setting the play in this era makes it more relevant than a turn of the century melodrama.” He also warned it’s in no way historically accurate and while some bits are recognisable, he had a lot of fun making things up.

That’s the politics, tell me about the pop!

Director Bridget Boyle is a self-confessed political junkie and ‘90s tragic and has laced An Ideal Husband with iconic ’90s catchphrases, cultural references from Seinfeld to Clueless and a classic 90’s soundtrack: “You know, when music was good.” The cast are draped in ’90-s inspired costumes and Boyle promises at least one dance routine to a ‘90s banger.

Tell me more about the cast?

Breathing life into the sizzling script is an all-star cast of local luminaries including Emily Burton – the 2022 Best Actress Matilda Award winner for La Boite’s Naked & Screaming – Christen O’Leary, Will Carseldine, Billy Fogarty, Patrick Jhanur, Kevin Spink, Hsiao-Ling Tang and Kevin Hides.


An Ideal Husband plays La Boite Roundhouse Theatre from 18 Jul 2022