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How are YOU doing?

MARCH 2020

These are strange days indeed and we won’t judge if you’re feeling worried, adrift or downright confused.

IMHO has been watching the unfolding COVID-19 crisis and the devastation it has wreaked on our local arts, entertainment and live performance industries.

We stand with our wonderful artists, performers, arts workers and tech crews whose lives have been thrown into disarray.

Our hearts broke as theatre lights went dark, shows were
cancelled, seasons postponed, artists, creatives and venue 
staff were left without work and the dark shadow of uncertainty
was cast over the industry’s future.

One thing we can be sure of in these unpredictable times is the resilience and creativity of the performing arts sector.

IMHO steadfastly believes the arts are vital to the fabric of society, now more than ever; bringing hope, joy, lightness, escape and reflection to all.

So when those footlights and spotlights are again lit; when those microphones are turned back on; when the performers have suited up, warmed up and limbered up; when the red carpet has been unfurled; and when the doors to the theatre are again open, IMHO will be there and we’d love you to join us as our plus-one.

In the meantime, here’s how you can support the local industry:

  • Book tickets now to shows, gigs and productions scheduled for later in the year.
  • If you have tickets to a show that has been cancelled, exchange them for another production rather than choose a refund.
  • Donate the cost of your ticket to your favourite arts company, organisation or event. Many offer tax deductions too.
  • Follow your favourite artists and organisations on social media and subscribe to their e-newsletters.

The show must go on!  ❤️