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OK, what’s this all about?

Kaleidoscope is an immense artwork made from 700sqm of glass, steel, mirrors and moving prisms designed by artist Keith Courtney.

Can I touch the artwork?

Better still, you can pop inside and experience it up-close. Visitors can navigate a maze of corridors and check out a slowly revolving display of light and colour. Motion and gravity are distorted and spaces fracture, surprising and disorienting the senses at every turn.

Is this going to freak me out?

It’s recommended for all ages but if you’re under 15, you need to be accompanied by a parent or carer. There’ll be plenty of staff on hand should you become disoriented or overwhelmed. This is what the artist, Keith Courtney, had to say: “No one will have the same experience in Kaleidoscope – this is a multi-sensory and, at times, physical experience where the visitor is completely submerged in sound and light – a vortex of serenity to somewhere or nowhere.”

Has Brisbane had anything like this before?

Keith Courtney is one of the masterminds behind the acclaimed House of Mirrors and 1000 Doors, both of which have had wildly popular runs in Brisbane. If you loved those, you can’t miss Kaleidoscope.

How much are tickets?

Standard tickets are $16.50 but if you’re under 5 years old or older than 75, you can waltz in for free.

How long does the experience last?

Ticket sessions are for 30 minutes duration.


KALEIDOSCOPE plays Performance Lawn, Brisbane Powerhouse from 12 Aug 2022