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La Boite Theatre offers audiences glimpses into new worlds of love, power, politics and hope in its daring and compelling 2022 Season.

Striving to be Australia’s most diverse theatre company, La Boite will present four mainstage productions in 2022: the wickedly funny Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner, heart-tugging musical The Last Five Years, a subversive and contemporary reimagining of An Ideal Husband and brand-new work Tiddas.

Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner

Forbes Magazine claims Kylie Jenner is a “self-made billionaire” and Cleo isn’t having a bar of it.

She’s got a lot to say, and on the Internet, actions don’t always speak louder than words.

“Look, it’s two tweets that helped me vent my frustrations. It’s really not that deep.”

7 Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner is wickedly funny two-hander starring Moreblessing Maturure as Cleo and Vivienne Awosoga as her best friend Kara.

This duo is serving the tea hot and keeping receipts. PERIODT.

As URL beef brings up IRL tensions, Cleo and Kara have more issues than getting #blocked will solve.

If Black Twitter hasn’t snatched your edges yet, these two bawss-babes surely will when 7 Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner plays La Boite from 24 March to 9 April 2022.

The Last Five Years

Jamie and Cathy used to be in love but now their marriage is over and they’re trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

The Last Five Years is an emotionally powerful and intimate musical about love and loss, as Jamie and Cathy share the story of their doomed relationship from two eye-opening perspectives.

While Jamie tells his story in chronological order, Cathy tells hers in reverse; the pair coming together only once during the show, when their timelines intersect on their wedding day.

This unconventional structure creates a compelling and voyeuristic viewing experience for audiences as they watch these two New Yorkers in their 20s fall in and out of love over the course of five years.

Written by Jason Robert Brown and premiering in 2001, The Last Five Years is a musical theatre favourite and was adapted into a 2014 film starring Jeremy Jordan as Jamie and Anna Kendrick as Cathy.

The soaring musical journey will sweep you up and take you along for the ride at La Boite from 28 May – 25 June.

An Ideal Husband

Think politics is a bore and the 1800s irrelevant? Oh, my dear friend, step this way…

La Boite’s updated adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy, An Ideal Husband, swaps the drawing rooms of late-Victorian society for the hallowed halls of Australian parliament.

Set in Australia’s cold-blooded political heartland of Canberra in 1996, it asks why Australian politics constantly fails to keep up with the people it is supposed to represent.

A saucy political satire that combines Wilde’s unmistakable style with lashings of ‘90s nostalgia, An Ideal Husband is restructured to move with the absurd and fun energy of Seinfeld while grounding itself in a Friends-style relationship comedy.

It mirrors romcoms from the era like My Best Friend’s Wedding and Never Been Kissed, featuring comically ravishing characters engaging in witty repartee and exchanging salacious gossip.

Insider trading, political corruption, hypocrisy and blackmail hold the intrigue in a comedy that for all its touches of melodrama and farce, offers poignant insights into human frailty.

An Ideal Husband is a hilarious queer adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy by award-winning playwright Lewis Treston and features Queensland theatre stars Christen O’Leary, Emily Burton and Bryan Probets.

This wild reworking will not only appeal to political diehards and ‘90s tragics, but to anyone curious about how change occurs.

An Ideal Husband runs from 16 July – 6 August.


Brisbane, 2022. Five women, best friends for decades, meet once a month to talk about books, life, love and the jagged bits in between.

Dissecting each other’s lives seems the most natural thing in the world and honesty, no matter how brutal, is something they treasure.

Best friends tell each other everything, don’t they? But each woman carries a complex secret and one weekend, without warning, everything comes unstuck.

Tiddas is a page-to-stage adaptation of Anita Heiss’s award-winning novel in a joint La Boite Theatre and Brisbane Festival production.

The Brisbane-based author has reimagined Tiddas for the stage, introducing Brisbane audiences to her story’s inimitable stars: Izzy, Veronica, Xanthe, Nadine and Ellen.

Tiddas runs from 3 – 24 September.