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Alright, what are the big shows in 2023?

La Boite present four mainstage productions in 2023, each making its world premiere in the iconic Roundhouse Theatre: The Poison of Polygamy’s timeless tale of morality and betrayal, the star-crossed saga of Capricorn, delicious family drama Cut Chilli and the riotous and relatable IRL.

Back it up, they’re all  world premieres?

Correct! La Boite is presenting a full slate of new Australian work in 2023 with each of the four mainstage productions making its world debut.

Bold move! Why?

Artistic Director Courtney Stewart is responsible for the world premiere season and says it reflects her her passion for new Australian writing as well as La Boite’s responsibility to highlight and support local artists and writers.

OK, step me through these four new plays…

Love to! Read on…

The Poison of Polygamy

This is a page-to-stage adaptation of Wong Shee Ping’s pioneering novella, translated by Ely Finch, that sheds an illuminating insight into the Chinese-Australian experience.

It puts a human face on the issue of migration, telling the story of a man from southern China who tries his luck on the Victorian goldfields, the wife he leaves behind, the choices he makes, the promises he breaks and the consequences they reap.


This is a razor-sharp rom-com by emerging Queensland writer and Butchulla and Kabi Kabi man, Aidan Rowlingson.

Through the lens of a doomed romantic relationship, Capricorn explores culture, sexuality, personal growth and grief as well as themes of environmentalism, the importance of protest and the effects of institutional corruption on society.

Cut Chilli

Enjoy a feast of delicious family drama with this new comedy from playwright, journalist and filmmaker Chenturan Aran that explores identity, love, truth and forgiveness.

Cut Chilli packs as much emotional and intellectual heat as its namesake suggests as the story behind Jamie’s adoption by an Australian family as a baby in Sri Lanka unfolds and unravels over a fraught family dinner.


This riotous and relatable new work from Brisbane playwright Lewis Treston is equal parts humour and heart.

IRL is a fierce and funny reflection of what it means to be a teenager searching for friendship, love and acceptance and trying to find your tribe.

Phew! Anything else?

So glad you asked, there is indeed! In a special event, La Boite also welcomes the provocative and award-winning YES YES YES from New Zealand.

Part confession, part documentary and part open conversation, YES YES YES is a work created for – and with input from – teenagers that explores healthy and respectful relationships, consent and sex.

I’m sold! Where can I find out more?

Everything you need from season dates and show times to tickets and memberships is at laboite.com.au