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So, you’ve signed up to be a Citizen Reviewer, you’ve seen your first show but you’re a novice when it comes to writing reviews.

Make your five cents stand out with five top tips that will take you from Virgin to Veteran.

  1. You’re the spectator, not the star

Yes, this is your honest opinion but please write about the show, not yourself. Keep in mind you’re writing a review and not an essay so keep your review to under 300 words in length and write in a style that makes you feel comfortable.

  1. Talk to yourself

Whether you’re a Virgin or a Veteran facing writer’s block, ask yourself these questions: What were your first impressions? How would you describe or analyse the characters? Were there any standout elements in your opinion? And would you recommend this to a friend (or enemy)?

  1. Writing is not my forte

Practice makes perfect. Also, use spellcheck. But if you’re worried about which “their, there or they’re” to use or unsure about where to place the comma, don’t stress because all reviews are checked before being posted and minor changes made to catch your mistakes. Our hot tip is to download Grammarly for an added safety net.

  1. Censorship

We won’t censor your review but there are three things you must remember:

  1. No one likes spoilers so don’t give the plot away.
  2. Avoid gratuitous and excessive swearing. If you’re going to use salty language, keep it in context.
  3. Respect and phrase criticism in a way that doesn’t cause personal offence. IMHO has zero-tolerance for discrimination, harassment and bullying in all its forms.
  1. Deadlines, people!

After a live show, you have 48 hours to head Backstage and submit your review. If you can’t meet that deadline, let us know at hello@inmyhonestopinion.com.au – we’re very understanding.

IMHO loves to share sincere and candid reviews from both Veterans and Virgins to give you the big picture and we’re excited to hear what you have to say.

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