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24 January, 2020

Intriguing, modern and amusing interpretation of a Shakespearean Comedy

When the performers are outside the theatre performing circus and comedy routine prior to the start of the performance, you immediately know that this show will be a little different.

The performers themselves are in the audience and will start to perform and recite the words in formal Shakespearean English, the audience is intrigued and a little unsettled (in a good way).

The location, environment and lack of air conditioning impacted negatively on the ability to immerse and enjoy the performance.

The show was performed in four different sections of a small area and it was difficult to concentrate on one element of the storyline.

It was extremely humid in there and the performers were definitely suffering.

However, if these issues could be resolved then it would be so much easier and enjoyable to follow the refreshing interpretation.

Fantastic costumes, actors displayed 100% focus on their character and storyline, actors in the audience seeking participation of the audience to pass a message to other stage characters was funny.

A fusion of a Shakespearean play with sword swallowing, dancing, fairground games, musicians, humour and comedy all performed in one show is an achievement.

It was a complex representation with different elements being performed simultaneously in the room and corridor.

Audience members were engaged and willing to ignore the uncomfortable environment in order to appreciate the passion of the actors.

Please improve the air conditioning and acoustics to allow all those present to enjoy the performance in comfort without suffering from the lack of a cool breeze.

The provision of fans and water was not enough.