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21 November, 2019

A camp romp of hysterical proportions

I’m not sure how to define this part-burlesque, part-sketch comedy, part-circus and part-theatrical oddity but it was hysterically funny.

Side-splitting moments involving a mini trampoline, a watermelon, a couple of potatoes, hula hoops and more than one adult aid had the entire audience in fits of wild laughter for the hour.

Sometimes the absurd and the magical combine, and this show starring Jack Wild and Shona Cona, ably supported by a brilliant young singer and prop handler, is a fine example of that.

It completely lacked a narrative or anything to bring each part of the performance together and this is my only criticism.

It could have been tightened a little with some music, narration or similar to bring us on the journey.

The fact it lacked a bit of polish, on night one, is immaterial to the outcome.

It is not for the faint-hearted with adult themes, semi-nudity and a tremendous amount of camp.

The Big Glittery Sh!tshow was exactly big, glittery and … well… a shit show.

It is great for the soul to sit in a theatre and laugh out loud, hysterically and without inhibition or abandon.

The performers saw us at the door post-show and I wish I could look as good as Wild in a glittery jockstrap and satin, leopard print robe.

Get along to see this show for the sheer fun and ridiculousness of it.

A very fine way to spend an hour and try to avoid the front row unless you are happy being part of the act or at least happy to leave the theatre a bit damp and sticky.

The venue and staging were perfect for the show, it was a mad, camp romp and I thoroughly enjoyed it.