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21 September, 2019

A child’s delight - comedy meets circus meets silly!

I have to admit, I do love a good secret indulgence in a piece of theatre made for kids.

It doesn’t involve much thought, it’s easy viewing and an easy laugh.

I must say Trash Test Dummies met my criteria for a good kiddies show!

The set was simple: 3 actors, 3 bins and a few bags of trash.

Minimalistic yet so effective, as the actors were phenomenal.

All three were filled with energy and sheer talent.

Character execution was on point!

All three characters didn’t have dialogue but pulled off very alternate characters from each other; with well-executed silly little gibberish lines, use of body language and movement.

Shout out to anyone who can rollerblade on a small stage!

The main highlights for me were the use of clowning techniques and circus skills, something that really is a dying art these days.

Also the audience interaction; the kids were in utter delight as the actors scrambled over chairs and threw colourful balls out into the audience.

However, a few missed points with me is the certain misuse of props.

One actor put a harmonica in their mouth and a plastic bag over their head, which I’d hate for a child to mimic.

Finally, the show started off a little slow, but picked up and I’m so glad it did!

It’s now one of my faves!!