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30 November, 2019

A dazzlingly festive theatrical celebration that celebrates one of the most impressive film soundtracks of the 21st Century

‘Tis the season to watch Love, Actually!

Just in time for the holidays, The Little Red Company have returned to La Boite with their holly, jolly, musical journey into one of the most iconic Christmas films of all time.

Now, full disclosure: I have only seen the film a handful of times in my life.

But while I am not one of the die-hard Love, Actually fans that this production hopes to attract, the film undeniably brings out the festive spirit in its disciples like nothing else.

Starring ‘Queensland’s first lady of song’ Naomi Price, and featuring performances from some of Australia’s most impressive voices (Stefanie Caccamo, Tom Oliver and Alex Rathgeber), Christmas Actually celebrates the songs and gags of this beloved Christmas classic.

With a stellar soundtrack that impeccably charts the soaring highs and subterranean lows of love, it makes perfect sense that a show should utilise such a repertoire for a dazzlingly festive theatrical celebration.

For this reason, Christmas Actually works, whether you stan the film or not.

The evening closed with a hilarious round-robin-style Carols in the Domain medley, where the cast flexed their impersonation skills performing carols as Australia’s music stars (David Campbell, Lucy Durack, Emma Wiggle and more).

After 90 minutes of Love, Actually worship, this refreshing encore stole the show for this reviewer.

While I was captivated by the cast’s brilliant renditions of fantastic songs, Christmas Actually more than anything, left me with a burning desire to revisit the iconic movie.

It’s not that the show wasn’t enjoyable.

On the contrary, I would recommend it to any Love, Actually lover.

But it held the film in such high regard that I felt the need to see what I have been missing out on.