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30 November, 2019

A fantastic show filled with music and fun

Having not seen the 2003 rom-com ‘Love Actually’ that this show is based on, I didn’t know what to expect.

The show itself was also a bit of a mystery, as the poster didn’t give much away.

Going in, I thought it would be more of a traditional musical, but as soon as Naomi Price opened up the first song with her powerful voice, followed up with a few choice F-bombs, I knew pretty quickly this would be a different kind of show.

While I probably missed some of the inside jokes from the movie (something about a lobster costume…), the show was fast-paced and delivered a great range of songs.

There were costume changes, each of the backup singers got to lead their own number, and there was great interaction with the crowd plus a number of toe-tapping songs to join in on.

Naomi Price is an amazing entertainer, and her passion for the film has made me committed to seeing ‘Love Actually’ before Christmas, so there is just one more thing to do – work out which additional streaming service I need to subscribe to in order to see it!