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30 July, 2021

A light-hearted romp about love, lust, power, and betrayal

For an opera that was considered scandalous in its day, this modern interpretation seemed very relevant in today’s society, and I loved the humour and absurdity thrown in.

What a fabulous, chaotic mix of characters from the lecherous, chauvinistic Count (José Carbó), a man in power being deceived and made a fool of by his star-crossed lover servants (Sofia Troncoso and Jeremy Kleeman) to the cross-dressing Cherubino played by Xenia Puskarz Thomas, who was outstanding as a love-struck, infatuated young boy with the most impeccable, velvety voice perfecting her arias.

The highlights for me though, were the shopping-obsessed Countess (Eva Kong) in her outlandish outfits that gave me Moira Rose vibes and Hayley Sugars as Marcellina who was just a delight every time she entered the stage.

The set was incredibly beautiful while still emphasising the pandemonium and disorder, the orchestra played Mozart exceptionally and were commanding from the pit.

I took my 21-year-old niece who also loved it.

It was a great introduction to Opera without any pomp and stuffiness.

Highly recommended.