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21 November, 2019

A love story and farewell party

The Tower of Babel in the bible is about the fragmentation of human languages, the confusion of tongues.

The show reminds us if we listen carefully enough, we will see that we are united through shared stories of myths and legends.

At its core, it’s a Love story that embraces language, displacement and hardship.

It looks at the untold stories “the dust in the stair-well” and the beauty that starkly contrasts the images mainstream media shows us.

There was a lot of tension; I thought it was very cleverly done.

The twists and turns made it very interesting and I really felt connected to the characters.

I felt like I was being taken along on their journey and enjoying a leaving party for my friends.

A word of warning: just don’t get too comfortable at the party!

The show was an accurate reflection of the many refugee stories I’ve heard in the past.