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25 September, 2019

A magical dance of theatre, comedy and acrobatics

A simple setting of an urban apartment belies the incredible feats that follow.

The boys from Casus Circus transform a quiet, mundane night in into a magical dance of theatre, comedy and acrobatics.

Individually, this Brisbane-based duo, showcase their talents of trapeze and other tricks leaving the audience gasping in awe as they defy gravity with finesse and superhuman strength.

But it is as a couple they take supporting your partner to a whole new level.

The camp costume changes inject comedy relief, proving it doesn’t matter who wears the pants when you both look great in Spandex!

Their tricks take us on the rollercoaster which is the modern relationship: jumping through the hoops, balancing each other’s needs, and sometimes even walking all over your partner; all set to a cool and sexy soundtrack.

As we navigate the twist and turns that ultimately entwine us together in love, I am reminded of the strength that love can give us if only we dare.

Never have I witnessed such an intimate performance of acrobatics, more a dance between two lovers than a set of tricks, a stage show, or a performance.

Allow Casus Circus to let your mind soar and spin as they make your next Ikea furniture assembly seems like a piece of cake!