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23 September, 2019

A multi-sensory experience that elicits a different reaction in all who enter

“1000 Doors” is a labyrinth comprising hallways and doors in a derelict house littered with family memorabilia, faded wallpaper and old furniture items sourced from deceased estates in Australia and New Zealand.

Just imagine the smell of an old deserted room, with a mixture of mould, dust and a hint of something else that you cannot quite figure out.

It is disconcerting to see old photographs that depict the lives of a stranger scattered throughout the installation.

Sounds are everywhere, loud music, knocking on walls, church choir, screams and a phone ringing.

A very strange mix of smells such as mould, fireside ashes and antiseptic that accompanies you throughout.

You cannot get trapped, there are no jump scares just your own imagination and thoughts about what it all means to you.

I was also an usher at this event and witnessed the reactions of 300+ guests as they took their intrepid steps.

It appears that most guests were “weirded out” rather than “scared” or so they said as they exited.

One lady told me that “1000 Doors” represented her life as she recalled all the different doors she has opened in her life to either enter into or welcome others in.

There are two sides to every door.

Others were so very aware of the lingering scents and felt that each room smelt different.

For me, it represents how fleeting our lives actually are, all that will remain are the photographs of OUR happy family moments for descendants or strangers to view in the future.

I would recommend this as a well-priced sensory experience for all ages to enjoy.

Be brave and book a post 6pm time when it is dark and you cannot shake off that irrational fear. Boo!