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20 September, 2019

A powerhouse showcase of raw talent - if you have to take an intercontinental flight to see this show, do it

Kimmings is a powerhouse creator, simultaneously performing, commentating, directing, camera-operating and weight-lifting in this masterfully crafted, gut-punching whirlwind.

Her script shifts effortlessly from hilarious genre parody to heart-wrenching introspection to psychedelic horror – but every moment is perfectly balanced and not an instant feels out of place.

And as if expert manipulation of tone wasn’t enough, Kimmings has truly mastered every art form.

If it’s not an impromptu music video unfolding live on stage (with exquisite vocal talent, of course), it’s impeccable sound design mixed live, or intricate set pieces, or an extravaganza of lighting and projection, or perfectly planned staging and devastatingly inventive use of props – all complemented by a consistently mesmerising performance.

So, yes, the program will tell you this is a hold-no-punches, feminist manifesto about motherhood – and it absolutely is all of those things – but it’s also a masterclass in how to make good theatre.

Beg, borrow or steal* a ticket if you must – this will push the boundaries of what you know theatre to be and you will be a better person for having seen it.

*This is a turn of phrase. Please don’t actually steal a ticket – that’s just what we in the biz call “a dick move”