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21 September, 2019

A proper fun night out

Puffs is a lovingly put together production that showcases innovative staging and larger-than-life character acting wrapped up in a charming package of Harry Potter nostalgia.

If you’re a Potter-Nut, there are references, in-jokes and Easter eggs galore for you to revel in, but if you never really got on board the Hogwarts Express then don’t be afraid to make Puffs your first journey: there’s plenty of material that doesn’t rely on references to keep you entertained.

And with consistently high JPM (jokes per minute) you’re never too far from a good belly laugh.

The cast effortlessly switch roles and there’s even a cleverly concealed moment of improv, so there’s plenty of acting chops on display.

Throw in some savvy stagecraft which makes great use of the minimal, 4-door set and some witty, self-aware prop comedy, and you’ve got yourself a wholesome night at the theatre that will leave you with some proper warm fuzzies.