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10 March, 2020

A random collection of lunacy so perfectly curated I nearly choked laughing

I’m actually not quite sure how to describe this show other than to say it is completely random, utter lunacy, almost certainly genius nonetheless, and very, very funny.

It really is a strange collection of moments, jokes, sight gags, tiny skits, observations and quick wit that at first seems to have no real shape to it but, by the end of a very fast-paced 45 minutes, seems to have figured out what it is.

Kind of.

Oliver Coleman is in turns intense then personable, over the top, then boy-next-door.

The pool-skit itself was so stupid it was brilliant.

The one thing I am certain of is that I laughed like a drain all the way through it – so much that my stomach hurt.

And I walked out of the show saying ‘what the **** (heck, of course) was that?’ but feeling like all is right with the world when something that strange and funny can exist.

Definitely recommend.