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10 September, 2019

A story about the rollercoaster ride of friendship

This show was a brilliantly funny, heartwarming and slightly dark surprise.

The one man show Team Viking, is part of a trilogy of plays – Songs of Friendship.

It is the story of three childhood friends Sarah, Tom and James – Team Viking – who grow together into adults.

It is the story of life… Endurance, friendship, love and death. James Rowland’s performance was captivating and nothing short of genius.

For one man to be able to capture and hold an audience so completely, is a true feat and a testament to James’s talents both as an actor and writer.

James is part of the Tangrum Theatre Company which is ‘dedicated to creating theatre that tells life-affirming stories full of hope’ and this show certainly delivered on that vision.

In the vein of ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ the audience is taken on a journey through the ups and downs of friendship using humour with a slightly dark bent.

There is a little bit of singing from James and a sole prop – a Viking’s helmet.

The show relies – for the most part – on James’s mastery of storytelling.

He well and truly delivers, transporting his audience into the lives of Sarah, Tom and James.

So much so, that the characters become incredibly real and you are left wondering if this is actually a true story.

James won’t say and leaves his audience guessing.

Team Viking is seventy minutes of heartwarming entertainment that induces laughter, gasps, goosebumps, heart palpitations and the shedding of a tear or two.

After seeing part one I can’t wait to see parts two – A Hundred Different Words for Love – and three – Revelations.

If you’re in need of a laugh and a bit of hope I can assure you you will find it in Team Viking.