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21 September, 2019

A story of three magical misfits, but not the ones you're thinking of!

It is always going to be a special show when the performance begins before you enter the theatre.

As you make your way to your seats you are transported to a “certain” school, walking the corridors with sign-up sheets and notices scattered on the walls and announcements hailed over the loudspeaker.

As the show unfolded, we went on a journey through the “Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic” and came to know and love the Puffs; the leftovers from the sorting hat who only wanted to be your friend.

The amazing and talented cast had the audience in stitches with their comedic timing, physical presence and (not so) subtle references to that wizarding series that must not be named.

The comedy is interspersed with touching, emotional scenes as we get to know each of the characters and their fears and insecurities.

While this is truly a funny romp, there are also a couple of life truths we can take from the play and that always adds value to a performance.

Whilst I enjoyed the whole play, I found the second half to be more enjoyable as the actors’ timing and interaction with the audience seemed to be more natural and free-flowing.

Things got a bit raunchy and the language was a bit colourful but it was presented in a way which was hilarious to behold.

I highly recommend this play to all fans of a particular magical series as those not familiar with this series may not appreciate all of the “in” jokes and references.

Accio tickets and grab onto a portkey before this show disappears in a “puff” of smoke.