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24 September, 2019

A theatrical and comedic telling of one woman's learning to accept her transgender identity

The show Giantess is a combination of stand-up comedy and storytelling that also utilises multimedia.

The stage is a tried-and-tested arena for Workman, who’s been doing stand-up comedy for ten years now.

Her show, Giantess, is a meta-narrative (which draws from some personal and not-so-personal influences) about a young girl’s experience growing up and the troll that keeps her from realising her potential.

Workman moves unexpectedly between sombre, musical set-pieces in which the girl’s story is told in a whimsical way and stand-up comedy.

I found the comedy to be the most rewarding part of this show.

Giantess is definitely funny and Workman finds her stride in a style of irreverent joke-telling which she excels at.

However, this lack of continuity between the elements of her show made it difficult to grasp a central message.

Often, the comedy came as brief relief from the relatively sombre storytelling aspects and ultimately I was left feeling indifferent about this show.