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24 September, 2019

A touching and skillful performance in a not-so-great venue

You and I is a beautifully intimate performance experience.

There is always something special about the intimacy and connection that exists between performers that are also paired off stage, but this show takes that to a new level.

It captures, through elegant choreography and unbelievable physical feats, the honest and loving relationship that so obviously exists between the stars – Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay, co-founders of Casus Circus.

Jesse and Lachlan have kept a rawness to the routine that comes from a place of passion and love.

The closeness of the two men in both proximity and gaze is akin to getting a sneak peek into a couple’s most private moments – it was quite touching.

You’ll be treated to a heap of ‘hold your breath’ moments and at least one ‘that’s just insane’ moment but the truly remarkable thing about this performance is that it is just two performers – for a full 6o mins.

It’s a true testament to the strength, stamina and skill of the performers as it wouldn’t be uncommon for an act of this kind to feature four or five performers for the same duration.

I’m a sucker for a well thought out soundtrack which this show most definitely has.

The music and soundscape are well matched to the show’s overall themes and narrative – not to mention I wouldn’t mind a copy for myself!

I will add that the venue was not ideal.

Sitting about halfway back I struggled to see much of the floor work and scene-setting which helped the narrative flow – so if you’re seeing the show at Brisbane Festival get there early to secure a good seat.

For this one – I feel the closer you are the better.