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18 September, 2019

A touching reminder to connect with our loved ones

It’s the anniversary of Vinnie’s suicide.

But this story isn’t about him, it’s about the people he left behind.

From Darkness takes place in a familiar-looking family home over a single evening as Vinnie’s family gather for a dinner in his honour.

There’s his charismatic twin brother Preston, his mature-beyond-her-years sister Akira, his overpowering mother Abigail, and the brash, smart-talking Nanna Lou (who was a personal highlight).

The characters feel fully realised the moment they step on stage, in no small part due to the spot-on casting and strong, authentic performances.

The performances are augmented by stunning videography that takes us in and out of the spiritual realm as Preston desperately attempts to help his family connect with one another as he lies in bed dreaming.

While dealing with the heavy subjects of guilt, grief, parental responsibility, spirituality and the disconnection between family, this work doesn’t wallow in despair, instead offering up many genuine laughs and a message of togetherness and hope.