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25 September, 2019

A twist on the story of colonisation of Australia

This is the story of two indigenous Australian kids, Wurangkili and Timita, who go on an epic adventure in a flying canoe.

They are accompanied by an ‘alien’ and a wombat, in their search for the oldest of oldest elders.

They travel through the land of Lutruwita and meet strange characters – a kangaroo, a lizard and an eagle.

It is the story of colonisation, culture and friendship.

Masks and puppetry, as well as theatrics, were used to tell the story in an original and entertaining way.

There were jokes and lines for both parents and kids.

Ancient storytelling was mixed with modern storytelling.

‘In-flight entertainment’ took the form of an ancient indigenous story projected onto a screen using clever visual effects and puppetry.

This play appeals to a broad age range because of the clever way in which the story is told.

Adults in the audience will recognise the ‘alien’ as the coloniser long before the children in the audience do.

I would highly recommend this play to anyone who would be interested in a light-hearted, modern take on an old story.