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5 December, 2022

A Very Clichè Christmas

I’ve heard about this production in years past and have seen the poster for A Very Naughty Christmas pop up around the Brisbane streets in the lead-up to the festive season for the last couple of years, so it seemed like a show I should see, a tradition I should experience.

The set was basic: room for a band seated high above the performance space and two simply decorated Christmas trees adorned the stage.

The performers entered underdressed in various typical festive shades of red and green, reminiscent of an ’80s TV film idea of what was once defined as “sexy” with a hint of Christmas thrown in for good measure.

The performers’ vocals were strong, the dances straightforward but effective and although not celebrated much, the band were the outstanding part of this performance, keeping the show rolling along with gusto.

The show itself, like the stage, was uncomplicated; Christmas songs peppered with R18+ language and suggestive themes but sadly, not much else.

There was little to no storyline to speak of and although it seems to sell itself as a cabaret performance, which is what I was hoping for, it was less cabaret and much more crass, less burlesque and much more boredom.

The audience seemed to react positively but I kept feeling like I was stuck in a rerun of a sexist ’70s TV commercial, each of the characters a little too stereotypical for me.

All of this with little to no indication of the inclusive world of theatre that I know and love.

Perhaps this was just not my cup of tea or wine as I expect a little more than clichè to my theatre productions.

While it wasn’t entertaining to me, I wish the cast and company great success, there is definitely a market that enjoys this show as it has run in Brisbane for a few years (at least) and I hope anyone who sees this production has a great time.

It is, after all, the perfect time of year for fun and a celebration.

Merry f-ing Christmas to all and to all who go, have a good night!