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7 September, 2019

A wacky, super high energy, must-dance event


The atmosphere at Riverstage was amazing and everyone was so happy and carefree.

We left on a high from the workout that was dancing and singing for hours.

My three favourite acts were Confidence Man, Cub Sport and Hot Dub Time Machine. Confidence Man was weird… and SO WONDERFUL.

Their act was packed full of odd dance moves, costume changes, a light-up flashing cone bra and have-to-dance-to music.

Their constant energy and phenomenal ability to engage with the crowd and get everyone dancing along was amazing to be a part of. Very Eurovision-esque!

Cub Sport also put on a really great show and their more mellow songs were a great change between two really energetic acts.

Lead singer, Tim Nelson is mesmerising to watch on stage and performed their songs with so much passion and connection with the crowd.

Hot Dub Time Machine was so unique and probably the most fun I have ever had in a mosh.

The DJ, Tom Loud, along with a digital ‘air hostess’ shown in the videos took the crowd through several decades of music starting in the 50s all the way up to 2019.

We knew every song and were constantly excited when another of our favourites was played.

The videos accompanying each song, live trumpet, saxophone and trombone as well as pop-out live singers added to the excitement of the performance.

I think that Hot Dub Time Machine is super daggy but in the best possible way!

It was obvious from the crowd how much people enjoyed belting out their favourite songs without judgement.

Anyone who loves a dance, a sing/yell and an open mind for something different would LOVE this event.