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6 September, 2019

A well-paced production with highly enjoyable music and brilliant story telling.

Wow, what a great performance! The cast does a great job of telling their story.

I have to admit, I was skeptical going into this. I really knew nothing about the story or the cast, heck I haven’t even been to QPAC for a show ever. But nearly everything about this evening was just great and met or exceeded my expectations.

As I wandered around looking for the Playhouse, the staff were surprisingly helpful and I found it with no issues. They were very polite and friendly which got this experience off to a great start. No fuss getting the tickets. Finding our seats was easy as well. The seat itself though was a little lacking on the leg room, kind of like flying coach but at least no one was reclining in your face during the performance and it was only 90 minutes so not terrible, but just couldn’t stretch the legs much. (I am, after all 188cm tall, to give you perspective…)

As the play commenced, I was immediatly drawn into it and my interest never wavered. The story progressed through at a good pace, just long enough to gain interest and empathy for the characters, but nothing lingered. It was very well paced.

I was completely amazed at the soundscapes and the cast’s ability to use the very simple set and props to immerse the audience. Their blending of musical cultures is very impressive, demonstrating a wide range of vocal capability and athleticism through their movements on stage.

And the story itself is interesting. It is definitely a production that I recommend people go see. It will surprise you.