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17 September, 2019

An absolute show stopper

Upon entering the theatre with basic props and fairy lights, I was a bit sceptical.

I was never sure what I was getting myself into when I see shows, and I was sure in for a treat today.

The two ladies that performed are incredibly talented, between their voices and their acting – I was taken on a whirlwind journey.

The content was relatable on many levels, whether young or old, it hit home and it hit hard.

This tale of demigods and life as a young person, of fate and of love and happiness and heartbreak.

The ladies keep you enthralled with the self-produced music and the story.

The language takes you to a place which is in your past and also in your future.

This production is so good that I bought tickets to see Orpheus on Friday Night.

I left the theatre, slightly lighter and more ready to take on the next day after this performance.

Truly spectacular!