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15 September, 2019

An accomplished singer, poet and performer backed by a talented band of musicians and singers.

The act was performed in The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent and the audience numbers were relatively low on Sunday afternoon.

Lydia Fairhall writes and performs her own material and takes the time to explain the background to each song before she performs.

She talks about her Aboriginal heritage with love and pride and explains the concept of country and community.

As an audience member, I always appreciate when an artist provides this insight into when she wrote the song.

Two of the songs were written for her children who were in the audience on Sunday.

To be honest, I felt that to truly enjoy this show, you would need to be a fan of that particular genre of music.

If you love this genre then you would love the show and if you did not, then it was more difficult to appreciate the performance.

This genre of music is not on my Spotify playlist and I did struggle a little to be engaged and enjoy the performance.

On the other hand, I do love poetry and her lyrics were so poetic that I enjoyed how she had crafted the words into songs.

She talked about her Aboriginal heritage and the concept of country and community and this provided further insight into songs.