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2 October, 2019

An amazing mesh of live music, visual excitement and puppetry

Once the live band began playing its opening notes, it drew the audience straight in.

Teamed with bright visual backgrounds and an amazing array of voiced puppets controlled by experienced puppeteers, it had the eyes flitting from one spectacle to another.

The younger audience members seemed mesmerised by all what was going on, especially when drones flew in, hovering above the audience and up to the stage.

I loved all the above.

However, I found the storyline rather mundane and drawn out in lots of places which made me wish the band, including vocalist and guitar/keyboard player from local band Ball Park Music, resume their upbeat music and singing.

Excellent to see Brisbane talent being used in this production, plus loved the fact they were all dressed in matching overalls which added to the ‘superhero’ theme.