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24 September, 2019

An entrancing kaleidoscope of movement and imagination

Coming to Brisbane directly from the UK, Invisible Cities is a living and breathing exploration of space, story, and imagination.

The show itself is difficult to describe.

Based on a series of novels by the Italian novelist Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities constructs a strange and fantastical exploration of built space, and imagination.

It’s a piece that transports the audience into an almost-real world through the use of projection mapping breathtaking architectural design and brilliantly realised dance and physical theatre choreography.

While it did have some small hiccups in the early portions, being hampered by a pace and structure that seemed to draw away the audience’s engagement and caused a little bit of confusion in momentum, nevertheless the show is a triumph.

Vast in scope, ambitious in scale, and visually rich.

Brilliantly realised and visually breathtaking.

A must-see.