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24 January, 2020

An evening of Shakespearian fun and immersion into theatre reality

I love going to theatre at The Powerhouse as it’s such a beautiful venue and easy to get to on the CityCat.

This was my first visit to Stores Building. Being held in a warehouse had its ups and downs.

Lovely sitting outside for the first act and then each room had a different showcase and subplot.

All running simultaneously, so a bit confusing for someone like me who did not know the play.

In fact, the audience seemed to be a bit divided.

Those who were a bit unsure of the unusual theatre set up and those audience members who knew the play – they were in stitches of laughter for much of the evening.

I was certainly conscious of how much work the actors would have put into learning their lines and the actors were very accomplished, confident and convincing in their roles.

But the Brisbane Summer heat was almost unbearable and a bit of a distraction.

The cast did hand out water and fans to use which helped. Suggest wearing light summer clothes.

Highlight for me was the free-roaming musicians and the sword eater (something I have never seen before).

Lots of variety with a bit of dance, singing and acrobatics.

It was nice to engage with the actors and feel soo close to all of the action.

It was novel to be immersed into the action – almost like being in a virtual reality game, and would definitely recommend anyone who has ever studied this play to go along and see the show as it’s truly unique and you won’t regret it.

I left feeling intrigued and wanting to revisit Shakespearian plays of my youth.