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18 September, 2019

An extraordinary performance depicting one woman's struggle for survival

I’m a Phoenix, Bitch is an intense performance relating the story of a mother and her personal journey of light, darkness and ultimate survival.

It is a story that is uniquely portrayed by way of reflective chapters.

Each chapter is a reflection of pivotal events, which in turn, determines the very real emotional responses as related to each event.

The performance incorporates moments of light-heartedness, love, anguish, trauma and pain.

The emotions are raw and intense as it is ultimately a story of a mother’s emotional struggle, survival and regeneration paralleling the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes to strength and renewed life.

The performance brilliantly incorporates storytelling, music, film techniques and stage sets to take the audience on a reflective journey of ‘looking back’ in order to be able to ‘move forward’…

Congratulations to Bryony Kimmings on her powerful and fully immersive performance which received a well-deserved standing ovation from a very appreciative audience.