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24 January, 2020

An immersive journey through one of Shakespeare’s classic pieces

I’ll start by admitting I do not know too much about Shakespeare’s A Midsummers Nights Dream and if you do see this show, please, PLEASE do some prior reading!

This show is nothing like your usual “sit down and experience a performance on the confines of the stage”.

This immersive and interactive piece of theatre puts you right in the production itself, with the opportunity to interact with the characters and be literally standing within the performance space.

My favourite part was definitely the level of talent and characterisation the actors brought to the table; all very quick in their improvisations and scenes were very interesting to watch.

You were definitely encouraged to be immersed in multiple tales at once.

The main downside to this however, as someone who isn’t familiar with the plot got quite lost and it was very hard to follow along.

This type of show isn’t my usual pick, but if you’re a fan of amazing acting, game enough to pluck up the courage to get involved and a bit of a Shakespeare buff do yourself a favour.