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20 September, 2019

An intimate night at The Tivoli with Husky

The Tivoli is a great music venue.

It’s big enough to feel like a proper concert but small enough to feel connected to what’s happening on stage.

When set in the round, as it was for Husky’s performance on 20 September, the Tivoli takes on an even better vibe for the audience!

Starting with a superb support act in Alice Skye, the night was off to a great start.

Skye comes across as shy with her in-between-songs banter but when as soon as she starts a song, she’s a confident musician who conveys all the right feels.

I particularly loved her candid words with the audience about mental health – the only way we can beat the stigma of talking about the unpalatable is for musicians like Skye, and other public figures, and all of us actually, is to let it out into the open!

Thanks Alice for a gorgeous set.

Husky is a slick band.

Playing mostly new works, the super fans (who reminded me a bit of the gang who follow Darren Hanlon around – am I crazy?) were picking up everything that was being put down, and the rest of us, seemed to be loving it too.

There was a funny moment when we were asked to film them, not their usual schtick as they always seem more ephemeral than that but for those of us who dutifully whipped out our phones and pressed record, the song did take on new meaning.

Not only were we hearing it for the first time, but we were conscious of recording what we were hearing too.

The killer finale – an acoustic Bob Dylan sung from the balcony – was just the icing on the cake for this concert.

A gorgeous final moment reminding us all that even without mics, amps, lights and theatrics, Husky is a band of talented musicians who can tug our heartstrings with just a guitar and three-part harmony. Bravo!