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5 September, 2019

An unlikely combination of upbeat youth circus with the grim reality of children's hospice care - but it works!

We Live Here features young performers, from a youth circus company, telling a story about children but this is not a show for kids.
Well, not a show JUST for kids.

This beautifully executed work holds different appeal to all ages: from kids marvelling at what someone their own age can do to parents empathising with the show’s subjects.
It seems an unlikely combination – the frivolity of youth circus overlaid with grim audio featuring the staff and parents of patients at children’s hospice Hummingbird House.
On the sparsely set stage, however, a revelatory hour unfolds.

We Live Here bounces between light and shade, artistry and entertainment, poignancy and comedy.
It was impossible not to laugh at a light-hearted – but impeccably choreographed – synchronised swimming spoof; only to reel from the emotional punch of a mother’s precarious balancing act brought to life by the five talented young acrobats on stage.

The beauty of QPAC’s compact Cremorne Theatre is how close the audience sits to the stage.
In this instance, it meant the skill and professionalism of the young troupe was on full display.
From my front row seat, I could hear their ragged breathing as the five stars exerted themselves and see the strain and tremble in their muscles as they balanced, lifted, held and wrapped around each other.

We Live Here is an entertaining and affirming show suitable for adults and children, featuring a cast of genuinely talented and practised acrobats who deliver a gasp-inducing performance with a professionalism that belies their young years.