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4 March, 2020

Aussie humour with a ute-load of imagination

“Niche weird shit” is an apt description from the performers of this energetic and distinctly Australian comedy.

Channelling the hopes and dreams of wannabe actors, the story focuses on the friendship of three dudes – Darryl, Berrick and Vinnie – as they prepare to perform a play written by the ever-convincing ringleader, Daryl.

The boys still live with their mums and the quick character changes between son and mother showcase the acting skills of The Travelling Sisters.

The opening scene was a slightly confusing but highly amusing introduction to the characters, although I’m not sure that it really fits in with the rest of the story.

But from the get-go, the show produced a rolling cluster of giggles, snorts and uncontrollable laughter from the audience – a good sign for any comedian.

Glorious mullets, three very different yet strangely familiar mothers, a dramatic scene full of hilariously gruesome humour and cries of “shoot me again Darryl”, and the seemingly never-ending quest to borrow the gold tarp were highlights for me.

Definitely worth seeing!