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30 November, 2019

Better late than never!

Apparently Christmas Actually first appeared in 2018, although it seemed to have passed me by the last time it was performed, but as they say, better late than never.

A show based on the music of Richard Curtis’ ever-popular film Love Actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Was this a play, a discussion or a screening of the film itself?

What I witnessed was a celebration of the wonderful songs that appear in the film, which featured so many classics, Christmas songs and “a filler”, as Naomi Price said.

Performed by Naomi in front and her incredible support singers (the especially strong performance by Tom Oliver being an absolute standout) and with music performed by an extremely talented band, this was part cover show, part cabaret, part comedy and a delightful celebration of an amazing film soundtrack.

Naomi was extremely comfortable with the stage and audience, wandering through to chat at times and it cannot be denied her vocals are lovely.

Her in-between song banter flowed naturally (although her jokes about the royal family’s current scandals seemed a little dated), her chats were contagious to the audience, and, although I’m not sure it was completely welcomed, some even joined the stage during the last song.

Fans of the film will not be disappointed in the performance and appreciation of one of the greatest Christmas themed films of our times.

While my shocking secret is that I have not actually seen Love Actually, I certainly enjoyed the incredible music and entertaining performances of this show.

And as it’s that time of year again, perhaps it’s time I witnessed the magic of the film, because as they say, better late than never.