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11 September, 2019

Brilliantly funny and delightfully dark

Team Viking is the first story of a three-part trilogy and is performed brilliantly by James Rowland.

James weaves a warm and moving story of three childhood friends and their families.

The three friends set off into life only to be brought back to the very sad reality that one of them will die rather suddenly.

It’s raw, brilliantly funny, as well as being delightfully dark in places; all of which James acknowledges could be wrong, but hey, what the heck, it is what it is, as we jump back on our emotional rollercoaster ride.

The story is accompanied by the unique building of a live loop soundtrack that is constructed as we move through the various chapters in the story.

Apart from being a very cleverly delivered tale that keeps you totally entertained, it involves a proper Viking burial, complete with burning boat – what’s not to love.

At the end the audience is left wondering was it part-confessional, part-autobiographical or is it a very well-told story?

I would recommend that you be the judge.