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28 November, 2019

Captivating old school magic

Matt Tarrant’s show was a rollercoaster ride of happiness, sadness, excitement and fear – a recipe for a great magic show.

He performed a couple of mind-boggling tricks that left me wondering, just how does he do it!!!!!

And can he predict the lotto numbers for me?!

It was a little disjointed at times.

Which probably had more to do with the show experiencing some technical difficulties on the night.

Matt recovered well and I liked his witty ad-lib filler moments, where we got to learn a little about the man behind the magic.

It was an intimate venue with lots of (necessary) audience participation.

Just a little language warning for sensitive (young) ears – considering it’s rated all ages.

No razzmatazz or glitz just captivating old school magic, street magic taken to the next level.

A welcome change of pace!