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5 September, 2019

Circus, theatre, heartache, hope and a lesson in life.

It’s not fair to call We Live Here a circus show and it’s more than theatre; its visuals are important and its music is integral but it’s not quite right to call it pure entertainment, because it’s all of those things but it’s also a lesson in life.

Presenting stories of Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only youth hospice, Flipside Circus use imagery, a stunning musical soundtrack, audio clips of guests and staff of the house and five incredibly talented circus performers to take their audience through everything that Hummingbird House is; a home away from home for families and children faced with the unthinkable and a place to create sweet memories at a time when they are needed most.

The performers’ dedication to their art is unmistakable; Amy Stuart offers a motherly role, holding the cast together often, figuratively and literally; Mia Hughes and Indra Garvey are phenomenal with their ability to bend, twist and jump in a way that takes the audience through an emotional journey. Luke Whitefield has a spark and cheek that evokes a sense of the resilience of the children Hummingbird House exists for and Skip Walker-Milne takes the show to breathtaking heights which highlight the fragility of our existence. You can’t help but feel inspired by the choreography and the cast’s skill with their movements, representing the stories of heartache and hope of the families staying at the hospice.

We Live Here is more than a physical theatre performance and much more than just a show. It is inspiring but also grounding; a beautiful piece of thought-provoking art which reminds us that while the human body has incredible physical strength, the stories of Hummingbird House prove our greatest strengths lie not in physicality; but in mind, spirit and heart.