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30 March, 2022

Drama aplenty in this powerful new production

I must confess – I’m an opera virgin.

Apart from a few brief encounters, I’ve largely steered clear of the genre.

So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the opening night of Opera Queensland’s The Sopranos, apart from some amazing vocals in a language I probably wouldn’t understand, and a touch of tragedy.

It was so much more.

This opera is a powerful portrayal of brave, strong, and at times slightly mad women throughout history, wrapped in beautiful and emotive music.

It’s gruesome in places, funny in others, includes some works in English, and the subtitles were wonderful for keeping track of the various storylines.

The poetic narrative throughout added to the ambience.

For me, the songs in English took away from the magic, perhaps because I couldn’t adjust to the rhythm of opera vocals.

But overall The Sopranos is a wonderful introduction into this world of musical storytelling.