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30 May, 2022

Enchanting afternoon

From the moment Jess Hitchcock opened her mouth, she had me captivated with not only her stunning voice, but her extraordinary storytelling which took us on a journey exploring her roots as a jazz singer, musical theatre, opera, country, folk, and pop.

Listening to Jess sharing her indigenous background and heritage and revealing how it shaped her music and songwriting, was wonderful to experience as part of Reconciliation Week.

Jess’ ability to sing such a diverse range of genres so exquisitely was impressive and if I closed my eyes, I felt transported back in time and like I was listening to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald in a moody jazz bar or Doris Day in her ukulele-played original song.

She was also a master of an abundance of instruments during this performance.

Jess has been back up singing for Kate Miller-Heidke, Tina Arena, and Paul Kelly but she definitely belongs centre stage, not up back, and it is clear to see why she is an award-winning artist with her mesmerising vocals.

I absolutely loved this magical event and highly recommend it to all.

Can’t wait to listen to Jess’ upcoming album and have no doubt she will be a rising star in the Australian music scene.