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18 September, 2019

Engages the audience through the media of monologue and musical accompaniment

With no set design or costumes, the audience is captivated by the retelling of this Greek tragedy through the two performers using voice and music to convey the emotions of the main character Dave.

Dave is portrayed as a lost soul who, at the age of 30, is feeling alone and desolate, conveyed by the analogy that he only sees the world in shades of grey, until Eurydice comes into his life and brings colour to his world.

The storyteller adapts his voice to convey the events happening and the feelings of Dave by using different tempos, repetition and volumes to keep the audience interested.

At the same time, the very talented guitar-playing singer intersperses musical renditions at appropriate times to enable the audience to experience these feelings.

At times, the audience is encouraged to join in with the singing and be part of the story.

Both performers demonstrate a strong rapport with the audience, displaying an ability to connect with participants through engaging in audience conversations prior to the performance.

For those who have no prior experience of the Greek Tragedy “Orpheus”, this contemporary presentation enables the audience to understand the situation that Dave finds himself and the consequences of his actions as was the case with Orpheus.

The simplicity of the setting is overshadowed by the intensity of the storytelling and musical compositions that convey a tale from an ancient world for a modern-day audience, portraying life and death and the degrees of being lost and in despair, fearful of not being loved or losing a loved one.