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26 April, 2021

Entertained from the very first note to the very last

What a fantastic show even if you are not a huge Elton John fan.

Daniel, Crocodile Rock, Saturday Night’s Alright, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Rocket Man and Candle In The Wind to name just a few.

The performers create an emotional connection to each song by sharing the true stories of others that explain how Elton John songs resonate with life experiences of so many.

The stories and songs may be from different decades but the human experience of love, fun and heartbreak is common to all.

The show is a very skillful interpretation of a selection of well-loved Elton John tracks The performers were fantastic and managed to convey all those diverse human emotions with ease.

A very simple stage set up but wow, what a sensational way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the Valley.

The fact that we were entertained from the very first note to the very last with lots of laughter and tears in between, highlights what a great show this is.