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10 March, 2020

Expect to get wet at Poolside because you'll drown in your own tears of laughter

Poolside by Oliver Coleman is a unique, deeply meaningful comedy show coming straight from the heart.

‘Poolside’ not only brought in all the laughs but made audiences question the meaning of life.

Watching Coleman felt like watching an old mate you hadn’t seen in a while, at a bar explaining to you their mid-life crisis at the age of 22.

His outlandish characters brought classic Aussie memes to life whether it was playing the old ageing Olympic swimmer to dressing up as an inflatable pool bed.

Instantly you felt a connection with Coleman, as he was vulnerable with his relatable anxiety complex, and insecure demeanour.

Although the show wasn’t just about Coleman’s state of mind – he brought audiences along throughout his storytelling.

He constantly engaged with everyone, singling out audience members to ask them what was next for the show, to give constant feedback.

While at times, there were certain parts that felt awkward it didn’t take away from Coleman’s unique look on life and humour.

Overall, ‘Poolside’ is a surprising comedy show coming straight from the heart of a young Aussie telling his journey through life.