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2 October, 2019

Fantastic collaboration between puppeteers, band, puppets and art with fantastic puns and one-liners

Not one stand-out performer.

All of the cast blended together seamlessly to bring the story of Laser Beak Man to life.

The skill of the puppeteers to become their puppets was incredible to watch.

The band was a lovely touch I hadn’t seen done before but helped to really make the story connect with the audience.

The artwork was wonderful and helped to really hit the punchlines.

I brought three children along to the show, (12, 8, 6).

They all loved it and followed the story.

My middle child finding the play on words hilarious – she loves the sea (c) monster!

The eldest and I both loved the storyline and the relevant connections with the world at the moment displayed in a subtle and comedic manner (a wall built to keep out those that are other, for example).

My youngest enjoyed the performance but struggled to understand most of the humour.

He followed the storyline and his heart almost broke at one point through the show but couldn’t grasp the brilliance in this performance yet – too young to fully appreciate the play on words – yet telling me that he really wants to watch it again.

Definitely a must-see!