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17 September, 2019

Fantastical physical feats and flamboyant risque narration tantalised the crowd

The ambience of ‘Blanc de Blanc Encore’ was established well before the show began.

From the outset, risqué themes, warm tones of voice and incredible talent of the cosmopolitan troupe “put a spell on me”.

The narrators’ humour was brilliant, commanding audience engagement while orchestrating pillow-fight feather fallouts, bubbles and spontaneity – Oompah!

The Spiegeltent was the perfect venue, providing an inside bar, great viewing from all seats, well-timed lighting and effects.

Strong acrobatic physical theatre and graceful aerial performances were beautiful to watch.

The glitz and glamour of the French burlesque show was entertaining adult humour, full of excitement and definitely worth a look.