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28 November, 2019

Fun and light hearted evening of magic with a little bit of mind reading thrown in for good measure

Watching Matt Tarrant’s Unsolved at Visy Theatre was a fun and light-hearted evening of magic with a little bit of mind-reading thrown in for good measure that wasn’t always successful (we can blame that on Bruce the Goose) but you were always left with some doubt about whether the misfire was intentional or not…

It was fun either way.

The cozy theatre (set in a semi-circle which made everyone feel close to the action) was centrally located at the Powerhouse and suited the intimate style of the show that has a lot of audience participation.

The “cat bus” thrown into the audience to select the unsuspecting audience member was not always well received by some reluctant participants but a fun way of involving everyone.

I had my son with me who also enjoyed the evening with some unsolved magic mysteries still left intact when the evening was up.

The show does have appeal for the whole family with one reservation though, the number of F-bombs launched during the show could have been left out for the little ears in the audience.

Our highlight was the card trick played to a lot of different music clips with different themes that coincided with the cards being dealt, a must-see.

Matt has a great stage presence with an easy manner about him that is engaging and likeable, willing him on to succeed with all of his magic tricks.

We even had one participant asking whether she should change her selection so that his trick would work, all good banter that contributed to the enjoyment of the show.

Matt was also a previous Australian Survivor participant so for all those fans out there, also an opportunity to see Matt in person.

Definitely go and see the show for some light-hearted entertainment and magic.