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2 October, 2019

Fun, imaginative and colourful look into Tim Sharp’s world of Laser Beak Man

For kids (and kids at heart) this interesting piece of puppetry is sure to intrigue and delight audiences.

To fully appreciate this performance, I highly recommend some research into how Laser Beak Man came to be and how it helped Tim Sharp and his mother Judy Sharp tackle and grow through autism.

Laser Beak Man is a hero story and follows your usual villain vs. superhero plot.

A cast of seven lead puppets of numerous sizes, shapes and characteristics on a journey through, friendship, understanding, acceptance and saving the day from evil!

All relevant and easily understandable themes to their younger targeted audiences.

The cast you could not fault.

Their characters and movements were impeccably delivered and it was mesmerising to see inanimate objects truly come to life.

The set itself was colourful and crazy, an animation of Tim’s own work.

I truly loved it, however, I feel like the puppets sometimes got a bit lost in the projections.

The show also used a few different ways to immerse the audience beyond the stage, such as floating objects, etc. which were well received.

The highlight of the show was the music from the boys of Ball Park Music.

They were exceptional!

I have to admit I am a huge fan and Sam Cromack literally did knock this one out of the Ball Park.

His voice had me hung up on every lyric wanting more and more.

They were written into the script and acknowledged as something more than just a vocalist and band in the background.

Though with all the positives do come a few negatives.

For me, I personally felt the show dragged on in certain sections and I feel like it definitely could’ve been written a bit more ‘better’ (I know, terrible word to use).

It was easy to follow but could’ve been written to be a little bit more challenging for younger minds and a bit more engaging.

But other than that, phenomenal performance!